Gynecology and Chikung - The Universal Healing Tao system applied to Gynecological Conditions

This article is based on the presentation I gave at Tao Garden in the “ Back to the Source” event August 2016

In women, the energy is transformed from Jing into Chi and from Chi into Shen. If, by any chance the, energy gets stuck in any of these stages due to organ or meridian malfunction, physical disease and/or change in mental behavior can occur.

There is an important connection between the Heart and uterus and between uterus and an the Kidneys.
The uterus is connected to the heart by the Uterus Chanel (Bao Mai), and to the kidneys by the Uterus meridian (Bao Luo).
That makes the uterus vulnerable to emotions and dependent of the strength of the kidneys.

The uterus has a role on the emotional regulation throughout a woman's life. It's involved in the regulation of Shaoyin axis (heart - kidney) creating a triangular arc that promotes the contact between these two bodies.

“If women didn´t forget their tummy so easily, we wouldn´t have so many fibroids, cysts and tumors and there would be less need to resort to hysterectomy.
The forgetting or rejection of the uterus creates a breeding ground for sweet or severe hysteria, just as emotional disturbances damage the uterus by disrupting the local qi and blood.
This manifests itself most often by menstrual problems or endometriosis.”
Michel Deydier-Bastide, "Traité de Psychologie Traditionnelle Chinoise", Éditions Désiris, 2005, pp 99-100.    

Women should have a particular concern for this organ of greater utility. The uterus stimulates the Chi mental affection to emotions and controls the excesses. It is far from limited to the playback function, as it is also the matrix of emotions.
It will receive and store the emotional charge when having sexual intercourse and it will guard births memories, abortions, sexual abuse, etc.
“If a woman remains in an unhealthy relationship because she thinks she might not be sufficient to herself - economically and emotionally - her internal organs may be at serious risk of contracting disease.” Christiane Northrup - Woman body Woman of Wisdom

The Universal Healing Tao System

This system is a complete system of Chikung and other healing techniques that help us to heal and prevent different types of diseases. It works with the sexual energy and transforms it into spiritual energy unifying body, mind and soul.

Women life is divided in three parts: Adolescence, adult phase and mature phase.
In each one of these phases we should pay attention to different systems (organs).


Adolescence is the stage that marks the transition between childhood and adulthood. This is characterized by changes in various levels - physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual - and is for the individual a process of distancing forms of behavior and typical childhood privileges and the acquisition of characteristics and skills that enable them to take the duties and social adult roles.

According to the World Health Organization, adolescence is the period between fifteen and twenty years old. The entire process is divided into 3 phases:

• Pre-teens - from 10 to 14 years
• Adolescence - 15 to 19 years of age
• Youth - 15 to 24 years.

Changing factors:

1.      Physical: onset of menstruation, breast enlargement, and the emergence of a more defined body contour;
2.      Mental: largest organization of ideas;
3.      Emotional: discovery of self and my limits; awakening of sexuality;
4.      Social: it is expected that the young assume greater control over your life, take responsibility for themselves and give a greater contribution at home helping with household chores and taking care of others, ability to decide on small matters;
5.      Spiritually: the physical body including brain is formed; the body is ready to go to other energy levels / deciphering other realities.

In this phase, Chinese Medicine considers the body is still growing and the main meridians are stabilizing its energy.

Thus, it is important to give exercises that connect the heart and the uterus, stabilize emotions and teach how to work with sexual energy.

Suggested exercises:
-        Inner smile - for self-esteem;
-        6 Healing sounds - For transforming, cleaning and stabilizing emotions;
-        Orgasm Upward Draw - To learn how to work and control sexual energy.

Adult Phase

Entry into adulthood occurs between 22-28 years. Levinson (1974, 1978) considers that adulthood is marked by periods of stability and transition. The transition periods are followed by moments of integration that correspond to changes in the structure of the individual or as he sees itself, the world and others.
In these transitional periods in one's life roles such as marriage, birth of children, divorce, widowhood, etc. are crucial.
The relevance of specific roles or tasks has to do not only with how the individual sees these same roles, but also by social expectations about these same tasks. According to Levinson, the individual's life consists of alternating stable structures and transition periods, which can be represented by age groups.
From all the different phases, the reproduction and its complications should be highlighted.

In Chinese Medicine perspective, in the adult phase, the blood quality and quantity play an important role especially on:
       After birth

Some of the most common pathologies in this phase are the following:

Amenorrhea (lack of menstrual period)

Suggested exercises:
-        Perineum contraction – Helps to unblock energy and tones the PC muscle;
-        Abdominal Breathing + Lower abdominal Breathing with contraction of Belly Button – Increases the movement in the area;
-        Jade eggs exercises - Increases the movement in the area, unblocks obstructions.


In energetic terms it might be due to:
       Hormonal Imbalance
       Lack of Chi ( chi deficiency)
       Decrease of essence (Jing)

Infertility due to Hormonal Imbalance
Suggested exercises:
-        Perineum contraction:
The perineum is connected to the center of the brain thus being responsible for the hormonal control trough the effect on the hypophysis.

Infertility due to Chi Deficiency
Suggested exercises:
-        Bellow’s breathing + perineum contraction: Bellows Breathing increases internal Chi;
-        Ovary and Vaginal Compression – increases local Chi;
-        Small Orbit – circulates the energy around genital area;
-        Tiger Sound - directs the energy to the lower burner and genital area.

Decrease of essence (Jing) / Jing Deficiency
Suggested exercises:
-       Kidney Breathing - Increases the Jing;
-       Perineum contraction + Belly Button contraction – Increases the Chi in the lower burner. 

Dysmenorrhea (pain during the menstrual period)

Suggested exercises:
-        Perineum contraction - Increases the movement in the area and unblocks energy;
-        Abdominal Breathing + Genital compression - Increases the movement in the area and unblocks energy;
-        Jade eggs exercises – Increases the movement in the area;
         Pelvic exercise  – Increases the movement in the area, tones up the area;
         Small Orbit  – Circulates the Chi in the area;
-        Microcosmic orbit- Circulates the chi all over the body.

Other complements:
-        Compresses of castor oil  applied to the lower abdomen.

Polycystic Ovaries and Ovary Cyst

Suggested exercises:
-        Abdominal Breathing – Increases the Chi in the lower burner;
-        Self Chi Nei Tsang;
-        Lower abdomen massage, dissolve knots and tangles on the lower abdomen including groin region;
-        Press the ovaries with fingers, push the  finger with muscles of the pelvis;
-        Jade Egg exercise + Little orbit – Increases the Chi and movement in the lower burner.


Suggested exercises:
-        Ovary breathing;
-        Self Chi Nei Tsang;
-        Lower abdomen massage, dissolve knots and tangles on the lower abdomen including groin region.

Breast Cyst

Suggested exercises:
-        Connection between uterus and heart – open the meridian and allow the energy o flow to the uterus;
-        Breast massage – Move the energy in the breast;
-        Microcosmic orbit - Move the energy in the lower burner.

Loss or decrease in Libido

Suggested exercises
-        Inner Smile in the morning - to transmute the energy of the heart;
-        Kidney breathing – Increases the Jing energy and support energy in the body;
-        Pelvis Rotation – Moves the energy in the pelvis;
-        Perineum contraction - Moves the energy and tone up the area;
-        Breast massage and rocking the pelvis over a soft ball -  Releases the energy of the breast  and Stimulates the sexual energy;
-        Self Chi Nei Tsang;
-        Lower abdomen massage, dissolve knots and tangles on the lower abdomen including groin region;
-        Jade egg exercises – Tones up the sexual area, increasing sensitivity and pleasure.

Other complements

Vaginal Steam Bath

-        Self-love: Rosa, Narcissus.
-        Fertility: Geranium, Myrtle, Narcissus, Pine, Mistletoe, Artemisia, Burdock Leaf, Motherwort, St. John's Wort, Yarrow (herb carpenters), Basil, Red Clover, Damiana , Chamomile , Dandelion , Yellow Dock (sorrel herb) , and Squaw Vine.
-        Prevention of infections and care of women's health in general: Artemisia, Wormwood, Rue, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Oregano, White Rose and Lavender.
-        Healing: Rosemary, Murta, Rose, Cinnamon, Oak, Eucalyptus.
-        Purification: Rosemary, Chamomile, Lavender, Bay, Sage, thyme.
-        To free memories of the past (shame): Pine.
-        Mind body connection: Calendula, Jasmine, Rose.

Different types of eggs
The egg exercise is an ancient practice designed to strength the vaginal canal.
Later was discovered that this exercises can also contribute to the movement of the ovaries and uterus as well as establishing a direct connection to the center of the Brain (Crystal Palace). 
                         Obsidian Egg Rose Quartz Egg  Jade Egg

Jade Egg - To balance the hormones
Rose Quartz Egg - For self-love
Obsidian Egg - For memories and traumas


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the menopause marks the end of a woman's life reproductive capacity, when the ovaries no longer produce eggs and hormones i.e., progesterone and estrogen.
As the ovaries stop producing eggs, the woman is no longer fertile and can’t get pregnant. It usually occurs between 48 and 52 years, but may be earlier as from 39 years on.

Menopause is preceded by a pre-menopause period: the time surrounding the permanent cessation of menstruation, which can span for years.

Menopause as three phases:
       Pre-menopause: decrease in hormone levels, irregular periods, bleeding.
       Menopause: end of menstrual periods.
       Post menopause: increased health risks.

Some of the most common pathologies and symptoms occurring in this phases are the following:

Lack of lubrication
Suggested exercises:
-        Jade Egg Exercises – Tones up the vagina, preventing dryness;
-        Ben Wa Balls – Stimulates of the inner vaginal walls and prevents from dryness.

Vaginal Atrophy
-        Perineum contraction;
-        Self Karsay Nei Tsang;
-        Massage the groin region - unblocks knots and tangles;
-        Massage the vagina large lips and clitoris;
-        Breast massage and nipple massage;
-        Jade Egg exercises or Ben Wa balls – tones up the area, increases excitement.

Ptosis of the Uterus
       Kidney breathing - increase kidney energy to increase the energy of other organs;
       Jade egg exercises – to pull up the uterus;
       Inhale and pull the energy through the central channel – to pull up the uterus;

Chikung can be a powerful tool in Gynecological conditions. It can be used on its own or together with Phytotherapy, acupuncture and massage.
The use of specific massage such as Karsay Nei Tsang or Chi Nei Tsang along with Chikung Exercises is a very powerful combination for some of the conditions presented above.

To the reader who doesn’t know the UHT System and exercises please read the books and articles:

Article by Paula Madeira
All drawings by Andreia Gomes